Benefits of Creative Thinking

As part of His Teaching and Workshops for Schools program, Emerson has been looking into the benefits of Creative thinking.

The following is his report on the benefits of creative expression / thinking.

What benefits will they receive from creative thinking?
Creativity, Self-expression, and Individualism.

As well as greater problem solving skills and resourcefulness in life and in addition to helping with problem solving, creativity also helps students identify problems where others have failed to do so.

Creativity is the act of creating something of value where little value existed before, as such it comes with a great sense of self acheivement and satisfaction when you have developed the skills to use it properly. Creativity will help develop a sense of self, self worth and confidence that can really give a person a whole new outlook on life. They will be able to live up to their full potential and have much less doubt in their own abilities. Students are more creative when they see a task as being valuable in its own right and gain a sense of accomplishment for completing it.

Someone who has developed their creative thinking skills through practice and experimentation and training can be a great asset as a perfect problem solver and thinker. The benefits are numerous, to be able to quickly and effortlessly come up with creative solutions on the fly, will make them highly desirable for nearly any industry, especially creative industries. However it is not limited to work, creative thinking can assist greatly in every aspect of life. Once you start to develop and use creative thinking methods, they will become intrinsic to the way you work and it wont matter what you are doing, finding a creative solution will come naturally.

Why are these things Important? Technology is advancing our society at an unprecedented and ever growing rate. This will create many problems and challenges, those entering this increasingly complicated world will need to equip themselves with the problem solving ability and strength of self to survive. A creative thinker is capable of great success and accomplishment. They are very hard to hold back, as they are always finding that one way around a difficulty that no one else notices and therefore become very good at what they do.

Emerson Ward



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